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AI Decentralized In-Game Advertising Infrastructure


The gaming ecosystem is expected to witness meteoric growth to be a multi-trillion-dollar economy, with advertising and commerce fueling this growth. Yet, most of the popular gaming platforms have no infrastructure or standards for advertising and consumer economy except for custom built in-game economy.

This is where CROS comes in, we are building the infrastructure technology layer to connect game developers with advertisers, in a fully decentralized and automated process.

Cros primarily provides cutting-edge technology infrastructure for gaming platforms and brands to power advertising and the consumer economy. Similar to how Shopify has built the eCommerce infrastructure to enable brands to sell to customers.

Cros is a distributed platform and apps built on an open protocol and using blockchain smart contracts. It is being built by the engineering leaders from Google Microsoft, Cisco, and others, who have a vision of building an open, better, and transparent advertising network connecting all gaming platforms.


Cros is making a multi-trillion-dollar gaming economy work for all; Creators, Game Developers, Gaming Platforms, Brands, and many more.


Cros has rightly positioned itself in the untapped rapidly growing gaming and advertising market, which is a highly fragmented massive market with no market leader.


Cros collects a small fee of 5-10% over Ads & NFTs revenue transactions within the platform. More information can be found in our Fees section.

Note: Cros is currently in its early phases of development, the Whitepaper content may go through multiple re.visions

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