Layer2 Chain

As we have discussed in this paper, the current advertising value chain is riddled with fraudulent ad-impressions, bot traffic and other problems. A truly participatory approach of building a decentralized ad infrastructure that generates value for all participants (including creators & consumers) while being secure and tamper-proof demands first-principles thinking and composing the said infrastructure from the basic building blocks of blockchain & web3 technology. Such an approach also provides the required flexibility to make tradeoffs between security, scalability and decentralization for the problem in hand.

For example, use case specific validation is required to avoid ad asset duplication, which can lead to significant bot activity towards fraudulent ad views & impressions. Similarly, most brands have an evolving set of requirements around brand identity and moderation of the associated content which will get more stringent over time. Furthermore, much of the history of ad-bidding could be viewed as IP (ex: participation history in ascending bids for a specific auction or publisher site). This includes providing an environment which allows for selecting the right balance between governance, confidentiality, compliance, and ad-impression validation and verification. As a result, Cros will be building a "L2 chain" those processes and executes ad-related transactions while also submitting an aggregation of its most recent blocks to the principal chain. Cros Network chain will be described and specified in depth in a white paper that will be released soon.

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