Cros plans to issue a total of 1,000,000,000 utility tokens with below distribution

DistributionAmount (%)Description

Seed Round Sale

100,000,000 (10%)

Initial sale to raise a seed round

Private Sale

100,000,000 (10%)

Private sale (in multiple rounds) to raise funds for development

Public Sale

100,000,000 (10%)

Public sale for ecosystem expansion

Team & Advisors

170,000,000 (17%)

Tokens reserved for the team members and advisors of the project

Airdrops & Security Bug Rewards

70,000,000 (7%)

Tokens reserved to reward launch of testnet, bug discoveries or cover the loss in case of a security incident

Network Bootstrapping Rewards

100,000,000 (10%)

Tokens reserved to reward operators and delegators etc during the network bootstrapping

Growth & Community Rewards

70,000,000 (7%)

This allocation would go towards marketing, partnerships, community building and user acquisition

Additional Development Fund

60,000,000 (6%)

Tokens reserved to finance future platform development & tech enhancements and hire additional team members

Listing and MM

50,000,000 (5%)

Tokens set aside for CEX & DEX listing and for market making

Ecosystem Fund

180,000,000 (18%)

Tokens allocated towards fostering and growing the Cros network ecosystem through grants, rewards and other marketing initiatives

Token vesting is strategically designed to ensure a controlled release of tokens over a specified period, preventing a sudden influx of tokens into the market. This approach is beneficial in balancing the demand and supply of tokens, as it ensures a steady flow of tokens over a prolonged period, rather than a large release in a short time frame. By doing so, token vesting promotes stability in the market and encourages a gradual increase in demand for the tokens as adoption grows.

Vesting schedule

The following table shows the vesting schedule as defined for the token distribution defined above: TBD

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