Product Roadmap

The product roadmap is divided into two core phases. The first phase focuses on building core platform and empowering the game publishers, creators and advertisers. The second phase is about decentralization and scaling the ad infrastructure for other gaming platforms and virtual worlds. Note that the technology primitives such as modularity, composability, safety & security, and interoperability will be an integral part of the quarterly milestones.

Phase 1

Q2 2024

  • Cros SDK v1 for Decentraland

  • Ad Manager for Advertisers

  • Ad Manager Dashboard for Publishers

Q3 2024

  • Support for PlayStation

  • Cros SDK v2 with Unity plugins

  • Ad Manager AI Capabilities

  • $CROS Token

Q4 2024

  • Support for Xbox

  • Support for Nintendo

  • Ad Manager for Metaverse Creators

  • 3D Ads

  • Cros API for Ad Bidding

Phase 2

Q1 2025

  • Support for Roblox

  • Cros SDK v3 with Roblox plugins

  • Ad Manager enhancements

Q2-Q3 2025

  • Cros API for Ad Serve

  • Updated Creator & Developer tooling

Q4 2025

  • Cros L2 Chain

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