Ad Serve Layer

Cros collects the ad-creatives and other ad-media content from the advertisers as part of the campaign design. A decentralized storage system is used to distribute the content to the ad-assets (such as holograms, billboards, wall displays) within the games or pulled by the game engines through the ad-serve API.

A reference is maintained between the ad-creative's link with a campaign, along with metadata about the size, display formats and fidelity associated with the experience (such as 3D or 2D display). This metadata is used by the ad-assets to finetune the advertising display and experience shown to the end users. For the decentralized storage, the Inter-Planetary File System (IFFS) is the technology of choice being matched with wide coverage provided by a service provider like Cloudflare with their IPFS gateway service.

Moving to a truly decentralized ad-serve system sometime in future is top of mind for the Cros team. This will consist of a decentralized content distribution system based on IPFS + protocols like Filecoin/Ceramic to compensate nodes for storage & serving of the ad-content. It will also provide Cros with a strong censorship-resistance which will be balanced with community driven content moderation using token curated registry and other primitives.

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