Cros Advertising Ecosystem

Make multi-trillion gaming economy work for all with the most powerful and decentralized Advertising and Commerce Ecosystem

A multi-dimensional Cros Advertising platform, designed to integrate with other protocols and platforms to provide a comprehensive solution.

  1. Campaigns & Analytics

  2. Payment rails (Tradfi & Defi)

  3. Protocols & SDKs

  4. NFTs & Merchandise

  5. Gaming platforms

  6. Web2 Demand Platforms

  7. Chain agnostic

Campaigns & Analytics

Cros Ads Manager that offers supply and demand side capabilities.

The advertiser demand side empowers brands, advertising agencies, and demand side platform aggregators to seamlessly deploy ad campaigns across the gaming platforms for brands' products and promotions. Cros ads manager also includes a comprehensive analytics suite and a NFTs marketplace to trade ad assets and brands ad creatives.

The publisher supply side enables game developers and publishers to optimally embed brand assets within games using purpose-built ad-asset library using native game SDKs and libraries. They can also buy or rent the smart ad assets from creators shortening the time to market for the games.

Payment rails

The Cros platform allows users the flexibility of paying through Fiat currency and other popular crypto coins.

Protocols & SDKs

Cros provides advertisers, game publishers, and creators with infrastructure in the form of APIs and tools, as well as connectors with popular supply-side and demand-side platforms. Through the use of these APIs, SDKs, and tools built for different gaming platforms and familiar SSPs and DSPs, the ad campaigns and ad inventory can be matched together through programmatic bidding.

Cros robust flexible SDK that enables any game platform to power brand advertising and consumer economy across their games in a fully measurable and intuitive manner. Cros SDK will enable the creators' communities of every gaming platform to create, own, and trade game ad asset NFTs matching each game context and theme. These ad assets NFTs act as containers running brands' ad campaign impressions as well as pixels capturing user telematic analytics. Ex a billboard playing Nike video or a hologram displaying Adidas shoes.

NFTs & Merchandise

Cros platform provides game developers & creators to design & publish their Ad Asset NFTs as composable assets that can be easily embedded into games. The platform also has a plan to provide brands & partners a marketplace to create & sell their branded virtual goods, wearables, and other digital assets alongside their merchandise or any product solutions within the ecosystem.

By combining NFTs/digital assets with real-world merchandise, brands improve their value offering & thereby increase the conversions among the new age digital users.

Gaming and virtual worlds

Cros Ad platform wants to introduce global standards and protocols for in-game advertising. Cros has started building the platform integration with gaming platforms and virtual worlds like Roblox, Second Life, Decentraland with more to come.

The Cros Ad Platform is envisioning to provide standards for open & exclusive gaming platforms, along with virtual worlds.

Web2 Demand Platforms

One of the key benefits of the Cros Ad Ecosystem is uplifting web2 advertisers , which is achieved by integrating & extending the Ad Platform capabilities to Web2 Demand platforms & Ad Exchanges. The seamless and low-cost journey opens up a new set of opportunities for all Web2 brands.

Chain agnostic

We envision Cros Ad infrastructure to be a chain agnostic, by which the platform is not limiting its users to leverage opportunities raised by any specific blockchain network. As we make progress with partnerships and integrations, chain agnostic implementation will become a core component of the whole ecosystem, making our mission possible.

Cros Layer 2 Protocol

And finally, the Cros Layer 2 Protocol, where all the platform data transactions will be validated on-chain by the validators and only then will be added to the block for final settlement in a fully traceable, trustless, and tamper-proof manner.

This is where CROS will disrupt the centralized advertising cartel as it exists today, where data for impressions, payments, users, etc are somewhere on an off-chain backend infrastructure owned by a company to exploit at any time.

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