These are still early days for the current advertising ecosystem for gaming platforms and there is much work to be done.


The game publishers are people and entities that control the games available from different gaming platforms. The definition extends to owners of virtual world assets, such digital spaces can be land parcels with built environment such as art galleries, cafes, stadiums or these could be games, contest and events. Based on the specific aspects of these platforms, each game or space can have a virtual ad-slot where content (a form of media) can be played or displayed for a set period without compromising the native experience of the player.

Advertising can be an additional revenue channel for the owners of the game or virtual goods (such as land) but the value generation will be bounded by rich & immersive experiences that can be created for the users.


These are the designers and modelers who are creating game assets or built environment on the virtual worlds and building those immersive content-rich experiences that users crave for. Traditionally, this group is seen as *for-hire* for a specific project on behest of the publishers. As such, they have not been part of the advertising value chain.


These are the engineers & builders who work alongside the creators to build games and interactive virtual experiences (goal-driven quests, even a simple store walk-in experience) that then lead to users engaging with contents and brands. Traditionally, this group has also not been part of the centralized advertising value chain.

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