Advertising can be a key driver of commerce in games and virtual worlds, just as it is in the physical world, but the whole experience and infrastructure is fragmented today.


Advertisers can be traditional businesses, influencers or any other party that would like to promote their brands and services to users through the digital real estate made available by publishers in the games. The advertisers themselves might have digital presence and can target to attract virtual attendees to their properties where they can either buy virtual goods or collect coupons/offers to buy goods from physical stores.

While there are avenues available to advertise, but nothing comes close to the ubiquity, ease of use and capability of traditional product like an ad-manager or campaign management tool in the traditional web2 ecosystem.


These are people like us looking for entertainment and other experiences in the games and virtual worlds. They have been "the product" in the traditional web2 advertisement economy. Again, a group which has been easy to exclude from the advertising value chain to say the least.

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