Modularity and Composability

Blockchains allow us to redefine what is valuable while also establishing new networks based on economic, social, and cryptographic principles. Through a process termed "combinatorial evolution" by economist Brian Arthur in "Nature of Technology," (Arthur, 2009) modularity and composability produce a set of "building blocks" that expand what is achievable. Modularity operates at multiple layers in blockchains; the next section outlines how we are building the Cros network for composability and modularity:

  1. ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 and ERC998 are shared standards that make creating uniform experiences across a wide range of products and use cases easier. CROS is building on top of these token standards to define advertisement related asset formats, metadata and contracts such that a domain specific standard can be created among publishers, advertisers, metaverses, exchanges and marketplaces. They provide composability by allowing other network participants to build new assets and contracts based on our smart contracts, which function similarly to APIs from earlier computing platforms.

  2. We combine tokens, smart contracts, and mechanism design aspects to build crypto-economic primitives specific for a decentralized advertising infrastructure. These are encapsulated as protocol, which abstracts the workflow of solving a specific problem and serves yet another reusable modular and composable capability. The CROS community will be the driving force behind defining and developing various modular crypto-economic primitives, examples include the following:

    • A modular primitive for moderating the ad content based on other composable primitives like Token Curated Registries (Asgaonkar and Krishnamachari, 2018), RFT (Regner et al., 2019).

    • A reputation system as an intersection of curation and identity for auctions and other use cases.

    • Game wearables & asset exchange protocols tailored for in-game or cross-game interoperability using composable NFTs, interop protocols like 0x and auction mechanisms.

Advertising ecosystem is complicated, and these primitives alone will not bring about the changes we require. They interact with a variety of systems, including the enigmatic sociobiological systems we refer to as humans. That is why, among other things, we will need to invest in governance, community, culture, and professional development.

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