Our approach

Cros provides advertisers, publishers and creators with infrastructure in the form of APIs and tools, as well as connectors with popular supply-side and demand-side platforms. Through the use of these APIs, SDKs and tools built for different game platform and familiar SSPs and DSPs, the ad-campaigns and ad-inventory can be matched together with off-chain auction and programmatic bidding.

  • The platform models ad-assets, ad-bids, auction formats and ad-impression as first-class blockchain-based primitives providing for a transparent allocation and pricing of advertisements. These protocol primitives form the substrate for creating innovative ad-serve and ad-bidding APIs for ease of integration with existing ad-platforms and ad managers.

  • The protocol is defined by the smart contract representations and rules. It defines the message and control flow between two or more participating entities to design campaigns, create ad-inventory, submit bids, run auctions and serve ads - everything secured and available for audit on-chain. The housekeeping services specified by the protocol include impression prediction, fraud detection & prevention, and event triggers.

  • The protocol token creates incentives for the network of participants to operate rationally and coordinate their actions toward the allocation and pricing of the advertisements. With the right mechanism design, the ad-revenue model is aligned with the token incentives for creators, consumers, advertisers and publishers.

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