Open APIs

Ad Bidding APIs

Cros provides bidding APIs for third-party demand partners to compete for the ad-inventory across games in a set of auctions. The API will also include reporting, traffic and billing information in future.

The bidding APIs collect bid responses from third party demand partners which are channeled back to the auction engine. Based on the ad-inventory and other parameters, an appropriate auction format is chosen, and a unified auction is run for all the bid responses to determine the most efficient allocation of inventory.

Ad Bidding APIs are designed keeping IAB certified version of the OpenRTB spec in mind making it easy to integrate with DSPs compliant with OpenRTB specification.

Ad Serve APIs

All deployed Cros ad-assets on different game platforms fetch the advertisements through an ad-serving API. This API is bundled in different configurations based on ad-media, ad-packaging for a native experience in a game and other parameters.

The Ad server APIs make it possible for native experiences to be built by each game or gaming platform such that Cros Ad platform serves the most appropriate ad-media based on environment and user context while the display and interaction is controlled by the game - which could be through a device or any other medium.

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