Governance Topics

The following three areas are the main topics that can be decided through the governance structure, and proposals that require additional decision-making can be introduced for consideration in a regular or temporary meeting for review. The Cros Governance Council must make decisions that are in Cros' best interests.

  1. Technology: Matters related to the technical update of the platform. Here the issues on the blockchain’s basic structure (e.g., Account Structure), new features (e.g., L2 solution), or software update schedule are included.

  2. Economy: The additional issuance of CROS and its distribution structure, change in transaction fees, changes in Proof of Contribution service evaluation methods, Cros Improvement Reserve spending approval, and more issues are included in this category.

  3. Governing Rule: The governance subjects and processes, as well as the rules for the responsibilities and rights of governing bodies, are included in this category.

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