Blockchain for Advertising

Cros is designing blockchain for digital advertising which will capture the following:

  • Ad impressions, type of interaction on the ad, online bids, auctions for allocation of inventory

  • Ad budget spent and the conversion rate

  • Location of the ad-assets, proof of ad-interaction

  • Settlement of ad-revenue

Having all this on chain lets advertisers and other participants to audit and proactively trace each ad-impression to consumer or to an advertising campaign.

Tokenization of the ad-assets and ad-creatives also empowers network participants like creators to unleash their creative, launching novel ways of brand promotion (say 20-sec clip which is a game & a brand promotion mixed together) thereby creating immersive and engaging experiences for consumers. Similarly, the tokenization of attention and consensual data sharing brings value to consumers.

Cros further provides a programmatic interface for online bidding and ad-serving thereby allowing traditional demand-side and supply-side platforms to integrate with the blockchain based advertising infrastructure.

As the network effects take hold, new revenue models can be visualized based on this model. For example, advertisers can provide incentives to publishers based on outcomes or customer actions, leading to definite revenue for the advertiser. Due to the presence of fewer intermediaries, parties can work out a mutually beneficial revenue sharing model to replace the current models.

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