Advertising Ecosystem Today

The existing digital advertising model such as pay-per-click or pay-per-action, is inefficient for the publisher, advertiser and the consumer as it involves several intermediaries between the brand and the consumers. This is true for programmatic advertising also which relies on process of buying and selling ads with software and publishing those ads contextually based on complex algorithms. Mechanisms such as real-time bidding and direct deals are used within programmatic advertising but rely on publisher and demand partner to have an established contractual relationship with one another.

Such centralized solutions work at the expense of operability with other systems, transparency and standardization. This makes the whole value chain susceptible to fraudulent activities mediated by bots, content farms and the like resulting in breakdown of trust.

Cros is being built on the premise that a decentralized advertising infrastructure can be built on blockchain primitives unlocking value for content creators, developers, publishers , advertisers and consumers thereby pushing the boundaries of brand engagement and advertising in games and virtual worlds.

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