Glossary of Terms



A company that is in the business of selling goods and services under its brand and would like to display its ads on the digital real estate made available by publishers. The advertisers themselves might have a digital presence and can target to attract virtual attendees to its pavilion/shop in the Metaverse “A” where they can either buy virtual goods or collect coupons/offers to buy goods from physical stores.

Publisher, Game Developer

A Company or an individual who owns certain game or game-platform and is interested in embedding in-game advertisements or brand promotions.


A Company or an individual who is contributing to the creation of composable Cros Ad Asset NFT which can be embedded within games. These can also be traded for the use of game publishers and developers

Ad Manager

Ad Manager is a SaaS application that Advertisers or Publishers use to signup and start using Ad Platform capabilities.

Ad Asset NFT

Ad Assets are gaming digital assets where the Advertiser Ads are hosted. Publishers & Crypto enthusiasts can purchase them from the in-house and external marketplaces. The Ad Asset NFTs will be opened for trading and renting eventually.

$CROS Token

Cros Network & Governance Token, $CROS has a limited supply with the utility of governance and staking.

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