The major challenge with collaboration of any kind over blockchain networks is the protocols and complexities involved in the seamless and affordable transferring of assets or data between multiple blockchain systems. Cros proposes to overcome this challenge by deploying Blockchain bridges to enable cross-organizational collaboration across multiple chains. Bridges allow information and assets to be transferred between blockchains, allowing for easier collaboration. ChainBridge is an extensible cross-chain communication protocol. Cros will start using the "ChainBridge" design-pattern, from Polygon, for cross network communication and asses or data transfer. The ChainBridge operates on three types of contracts in each chain, referred to as Bridge/Handler/Target, as well as relayers to communicate between chains. These three types of contracts work with Relayer, an application that listens to the events emitted by these contracts under each chain and votes for a proposal in the destination chain's Bridge contract when it receives a "Deposit" event.

Non-fungible token standards (ERC 721, ERC 1155 and others) allow NFTs to move easily across multiple ecosystems. When a developer or creator designs a new NFT ad-space or slot for a game platform, for example, it may be instantly viewed in dozens of wallet providers, tradeable on marketplaces, and displayable in game worlds. This provides another layer of interoperability that Cros aims to utilize and promote through active community participation.

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