Ad Asset NFT

Whatever campaigns advertisers create, they wish to display it within a game or a property in a virtual world. If there's no ad asset, brand advertisements cannot be displayed to targeted audiences.

To make a variety of ad assets available for publishers so that they can choose as per their space and appearance, Cros provided a platform for creators to develop these ad asset NFTs. Publishers can either purchase user generated NFTs or take it on lease for required time and embed them into the games to run the ads of advertisers and earn money against the impressions.

Ad asset NFTs are not necessarily traded between creators and publishers, but any other user interested in passive income can purchase from creators and then either sell or rent it to publishers.

  • If the token owner is publishing a game, he/she can deploy the ad-asset and earn income from the displayed ads.

  • The token owner can also lease out her Ad Asset NFT to other game publishers and earn a portion of the income from the displayed ads.

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