AI Features

Artificial Intelligence (including Generative AI) is changing our approach to content, brand promotion, personalization and optimization thereby impacting advertising across the value chain.. Cros is enabling AI powered features across different areas of the platform and toolset available for brands, creators and developers.

User Input and Segmentation

Cros plans to use machine learning models to analyze audience data to create precise segments which can then be used to define campaign goals and target audience much more effectively by the brands.

Ad Creation and Targeting

With human guidance, Cros uses the Generative AI based tools to generate ad copy and designs in multiple flavors and combinations tailored to the audience. This extends from using conversational AI agents, image & video generation tools to multi-modal foundation models tailored for the games and advertising domain. The Generative AI toolset is constrained to use only brand-safe materials choosing from a curated gallery of the company's own assets. The toolset has further been tailored for 3D graphic models and animations for the targeted gaming platforms.

Campaign Launch, Optimization and Expansion

After launching a campaign, Cros provides built-in AI features to automate scheduling, bidding and optimization. Based on continuous monitoring of key metrics, the AI tools can also suggest optimizations, real time adjustments and scaling a campaign based on defined objectives and goals.

Creation of Game Assets

Lately, huge advances have been in Generative AI models that are multimodal - trained on multiple types of content - such as images, text, 3D models, audio - and can produce multimodal outputs. Cros plans to create tailored suite of Generative AI tools leveraging state of the art multimodal models that will enable very user to build immersive 3D experiences for different gaming platforms. These tools will assist first time users to rapidly prototype new ideas and generate entire new scenes simply by typing a prompt like "create a magical forest with different kind of trees, make the forest canopy and floor be dense like in a rainforest".

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